Preventative Healthcare in Future
Justin Gregory
Founder of Biorna Quantics

C: Reporter: 

J: Justin

C: What is Biorna Quantics in a few words?

J: A digital Intelligence platform for the future of preventative health and health optimisation

C: What makes Biorna Quantics different to its competitors?

J: The future of healthcare will become more preventative in its approach. Biorna Quantics is positioning ourselves for this inevitable future by placing the world’s first comprehensive mobile health expert in your pocket, via mobile and web app, facilitating our vision of an intelligent B2B2C platform. I am confident in saying that nobody currently has successfully launched a comparable recommendation engine and comprehensive platform.

C: What is the current stage of Biorna Quantics?

A: We are now inviting Series-A funding. Currently, we have 22 employees, and we are trying to bring investment to the business to add to our existing revenues. We have global aspirations. We are currently based in Singapore, Hong Kong, and we also have activities in China, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, the list goes on.

C: What was the biggest problem when you started your business?

J: Changing the exiting mindset of people when it comes to their health is challenging. The dominant mindset to health right now is fix the problem when things break. Our mindset requires a more preventative approach. We don’t want to fix you; we want to stop you from becoming broken in the first place.

C: How did you get the idea of Biorna Quantics Logo?

J: The bear? It’s an old totem of mine that follows me around. A joke nickname I carry around from my old judo competitive days. Hopefully, it also happens to represent something people associate with strength, determination, and vitality!

C: What do you love about your team?

J: We have a strong team and a great company culture! We have a very transparent attitude with a flat, but highly structured organisational hierarchy. I have tried my very best to nurture a “family” vibe for everybody at Biorna – it’s our company!
Everybody knows what they are doing and what they need. We have weekly “All Claws” meeting to communicate performance metrics from all the teams, in all locations at once, and have health check sessions in which we can all assess how we are doing – we are implementing important mechanisms to facilitate our growth. Everybody can voice themselves – at Biorna Quantics you don’t have to be scared of the boss.

C: If you were not building your startup, what would you be doing?

J: Most likely a research professor. But, I’ve always wanted to give back to the world in my way, and follow my passions. Bringing together my academic training and my experience as a high-level athlete is a powerful and meaningful synergy to me, and hopefully, aids in setting Biorna apart in what we do. Few are so lucky as to make their passions their working life.

C: Do you all work out together very often?

J: Yes, we do! We used to all go to the gym every
week together, and we still do training together with activities including powerlifting, high-intensity circuit training, etc. Many of us are still competitive athletes at a national level. We live and breathe the Biorna vision.

Q: What is your favourite dish from Quantics Kitchen?

A: Ostrich and Sweet Potato Coconut Mash, Kung Po Turkey, there are too many to mention that I like! The “Bearstone” pancakes made with berries and eggs are great for low-carb high-protein breakfast, and I love that mixed with the coconut, peanut and raw green banana compote it comes with to get my prebiotics.

Q: Any tips for our readers to start a healthier lifestyle?

A: Know yourself. Know your own body. Knowledge is power. We’re all individuals with different nutritional and metabolic requirements. But, we all have to start somewhere, and better nutrition is the best place to start. People commonly consume far too much bread, rice, sugar, fruit juices, and wonder why they feel so sluggish and can’t perform as they aspire to in their daily life. Try to reduce all of these sugar-like fast carbohydrates, eat more vegetables, and increase the high-quality portions in your diet.