Cyber Classroom 101

With the great effort and contribution by our speakers, Parcoo, Ryan, Jeff and Ronald, we have achieved a fantastic night with the crowd. We have made new friends through the event and have learned a lot from it. People seemed really interested about some hot topics such as streaming and Cryptocoin mining and were very interactive, we thought that was what a real workshop was about, we loved it!

Date: Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time: 19: 00-21: 00


More event detail as below:

This time, the Cyber Classroom 101 is typically targeting the industry of Finance, Property and Real Estate. In order to catch up with the uptrend digital marketing knowledge, the management would have to know how to effectively attract potential customers through social platforms. And so, how to build personal / team image via the platform? How to maintain an excellent relationship with existing customers? The Cyber Classroom 101 will teach you, especially managerial level, the skills and strategies of implementing the top 2 social media platform, Facebook and WeChat!

Applicable industries: financial investment, mortgage companies, asset management companies, financial education institutions, residential rental, office rental, retail sales, business center, local real estate, real estate in China, overseas real estate, parking spaces, serviced apartments

Date: Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time: 19: 00-21: 00

Location: Collective Worklabs, 5 / F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town

Fee: $ 60 (including snacks and drinks)


Speaker 1 Mr. Ronald NG

  • Cyberport CCMF award winner in 2014, 2015
  • Director of Strategic Digital Marketing Company, SDMC is a social media marketing consulting firm

Speaker 2 Mr. Parcoo Chiu

  • CEO of Microworld Media Company Limited
  • Experienced public speaker of WeChat marketing
  • Consultant of social media management service to the SMEs

The Cyber Classroom also include a sharing session regarding the hottest topic in the world, Cryptocurrency!

Sharing Guest Mr. Ryan Ip

  • Current COO of Easylab Limited
  • CTO of Coulla Limted
  • Co-founder and CTO of Playtasy,Inc. , Developed Facebook game Ninja Saga, RPG Rival Saga, Flash Bridge Game and more, Ninja Saga grows with over 50M users, Flash Bridge Game over 1M HK users.

Course Outline

This talk aims to teach participants about the current trends in social media, its functions, technologies and tools, as well as to analyze the target audience of different social media platform, different publicity approach and so on. The talk will be supplemented with case studies to help understand the practical methods and strategies for managing the social media platform.

This talk will be mainly related to Facebook and Wechat. Participants will be able to learn about the practical operation and application of this social platform and also demonstrate the establishment of an enterprise / profile account on the spot.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Profile
  • Social Media platforms and statistics
  • An important element of Facebook marketing strategy
  • Successful Facebook Campaign strategy
  • User / market information and features, platform operations, types of ads, analysis of advertising tools, tools demonstration, platform management key elements to explore and attract potential users
  • Case study

Wechat Marketing Strategy

  • New Trend- What is Professional KOL?
  • Why should the Boss of SMEs need to become KOL?
  • Am I suitable for being a KOL?
  • How to build 1million fans ? How to make use of WeChat to achieve this goal?
  • What should the SME boss aware if they decided to be a KOL?
同場加映: 掘礦熱潮趨勢及分析!


Speaker 1 Mr. Ronald NG
  • 數碼港創意微型基金 2014及2015年度得獎者
  • 香港數碼市場策劃公司 創辦人;
Speaker 2 Mr. Parcoo Chiu
  • 社交營運公司總監、企業培訓導師及市場營銷顧問
  • 資深微信應用專家及講師
  • 曾於香港工業總會,香港網商會,各大專學校擔任客席講師
Sharing Guest Mr. Ryan Ip
  • Easylab Limited 首席運營總監
  • Coulla Limted 首席技術總監
-Playtasy.Inc. 創辦人和首席技術總監
-開發的Facebook遊戲Ninja Saga、RPG Rival Saga、Flash Bridge Game等等;Ninja Saga超過5000萬用戶,Flash Bridge遊戲超過1M的HK用戶。


本工作坊會主要為針對 Facebook和微信。參加者將能得悉這社交平台的實用操作和應用,亦會即場示範開設企業/專頁戶口。 由個人帳戶出發,先優化,後行銷。


  • 社交媒體簡介
  • 社交媒體平台及統計數字
  • Facebook策略重要元素
  • 金融、物業及地產專頁的數據分析
  • 成功的金融、物業及地產行業的Facebook Campaign策略
  • 金融、物業及地產平台的營運策略
  • 針對金融、物業及地產用戶資料和特徵、廣告種類、廣告工具分析、工具示範、平台管理之關鍵因素
  • 探索及吸納對金融、物業及地產有興趣之潛在用戶
  • 個案研究


  • 趨勢-企業家網紅是什麼?為什麼企業家要走到最前?
  • 為什麼中小企需要做企業網紅?
  • 我/ 我的企業適合做網紅嗎?
  • 百萬粉絲KOL是如何煉成的?精選案例與你一同探討!
  • 中小企老闆作為KOL應該注意什麼?
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