(Additional)How to Tackle Legal & Documentary Issues for ALL Startup Stages

Due to extremely popular demand and maxing out the 26th event attendance, it is great to announce that we are  going to host additional section on 3 July 2018.

Thanks for showing HUGE interest in our event and supporting K-Town Community!


Target Audience: New or Mature, ALL Startups & SMEs are welcome!

Many founders treat legal issues as secondary concerns, i.e. things that can be worked out at a later date. Unfortunately, this lack of attention to startup law can lead you to face even bigger legal problems (and bills) in later stages.

So on July.3rd, Kim Chan and Michael Wong who are qualfiied experts in Legal and Documents will help you

* understand the 6 startup stages (Inception, Validation, Refinement, Establishment, Expansion & Maturity)

* identify diverse range of sailent issues for not only the new start ups but ALL startups & mature SMEs placed in the 6 startup stages

* build brand identity & facilitate effective communications using the right documentation

* tackle them efficiently & cost-effectively before they become a huge problem!


Kim Chan:

Kim is the founder of Best Corporate Consulting Limited and a legal maven. He graduated from the University of Sydney with BCom & BLaw (First Hon) and has a multitude of experiences in legal industry. Not only has he worked as a Research Analyst at UBS,  Corporate and Financial Services Lawyer at Freshfields , Commodities and China Legal at Morgan Stanley, his experience extends further as a Director of Business Development in Goldenway Securities, Senior Legal Counsel at (Standard Chartered Bank), and Director of FICC Complaince at Bank of America.

Michael Wong:

With a professional background in publishing, business development and education consulting, Michael founded and manages Oxonia Company – a consultancy specialising in a range of English and Chinese language services: translation, editing, writing, voice-over and master of ceremonies (MC).  He was graduated from the University of Southern California with two BA degrees, and subsequently earned an MSc degree from the University of Oxford.  In addition to being a language consultant, Michael is an interview coach, public speaking judge, debate judge, language trainer, storyteller, and published author.