How to Successfully Establish Trust in Your Product & Ensure User Safety

Do you want to become the sole go-to provider in your marketplace? In that case, you have to remain consistent in your product features, logistics & customer service efforts, understand your buyer personas and deliver on your promises over time.

This takes time and specific strategies. Hence Paolo Petrolini will share his experience and expertise in Trust-Building and User safety strategies to make sure you achieve your goal when launching new business models, new products or new product features in a market.

Specifically he will be digging into the following topics:

● Privacy Regulation and Policies e.g. ensuring privacy compliance with current legislation such as GDPR and how to future proof your privacy infrastructure

● Content Monetization Policies  e.g. technical policy solutions to define the legal and brand boundaries for content monetization of a product

● Content Labeling and Monitoring e.g. policy enforcement processes and workflows to prevent unlawful, fake or disturbing content being presented to users

● Vulnerable Users Protection e.g. policy frameworks to protect vulnerable users and reduce the likelihood of them being targeted by malicious third parties.


Paolo Petrolini, Co-Founder / Managing Director, MATERIA Product Innovation GmbH

(MATERIA operates globally and it has offices both in Zurich and in Hong Kong)

Paolo has 13+ years of experience working on Trust and Safety, Privacy Engineering and Cyber Security. Paolo worked for 12 years at Google Inc. where he led technical product teams as the Head of Trust and Safety in Switzerland. Prior to that, he worked as a software engineer and system architect in Italy, Ireland and the UK. In January 2018 Paolo founded MATERIA (, an advisory and research company focusing on the Trust and Safety aspects of the product lifecycle. MATERIA helps companies build a safe and pleasant product experience to all users by preventing, identifying, mitigating and remediating to Trust and Safety threats.

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