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生命契約講座 生命的尊嚴並非聽天由命,圓滿的旅程您能為自己作主。出生非偶然,往生是必然。當自己能夠從容面對和規劃,才能確保的生命的圓滿,尊嚴和禮贊。每個人都應該準備的生命契約。 日期:11月 15日 (三) 時間:19:00 – 20:30 地點:K-Town Hub (Central) – 香港中環閣麟街10-16號致發大廈8樓1室 費用:全免 (首30名參加者可獲澳門船飛) 主講人: Kim Chan Raymond 律師 台灣南華大學企業講師 DocPro 創辦人 永念庭 總經理 內容: 遺囑認證(Probate) 意志和遺囑(Will and Testament) 無遺囑(Intestacy) 生前意志(Living Will) 預先指示(Advance Directives) 持久授權書(Enduring Power of Attorney) 願望聲明(Statement of Wishes) 作自己圓滿一生的主人 預先規劃的保障 另類投資之君子愛財取之有道

Essential Project Management Insight that will make you the next CXO

Project management has been identified as an important competency for those who aspire to a seat at the senior leadership table. But simply having managed projects is rarely enough – have you sufficiently demonstrated the skills required to be a successful C-level executive? If your sole focus has been on delivering your projects within the […]

The Era of FinTech: Well Equip Yourself for Fast-Changing World

Fintech has been the buzzword within banking and financial industry, but now the term becomes further engrained and more ubiquitous in our daily life too. Surprisingly, not many people are even aware on what it is and how it impacts their daily lives.Whilst the term may not yet be in the Oxford dictionary, for a […]

Marketing Funnels: How You Can Save Time and Get More Happy Customers

Discount Code: BCXKTOWN $350 $70 Marketing Funnels: How You Can Save Time and Get More Happy Customers Would you like to save time and make your customers happy? This presentation will offer a practical solution for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their businesses. Our easy to follow approach will help you get organised and focused on what is […]

How to Successfully Establish Trust in Your Product & Ensure User Safety

Do you want to become the sole go-to provider in your marketplace? In that case, you have to remain consistent in your product features, logistics & customer service efforts, understand your buyer personas and deliver on your promises over time. This takes time and specific strategies. Hence Paolo Petrolini will share his experience and expertise in Trust-Building […]

The Definitive Guide to Scaling Your Business With Google AdWords

When starting an AdWords campaign, online advertising in Google (using targeting keywords) can narrow down basic bidding factors like location and simple demographics. But when it comes to more refined elements, you’re shooting blind. Until now. In this session, the digital marketing guru Francesco will show – how every business can effectively grow advertising in Google […]

(Additional)How to Tackle Legal & Documentary Issues for ALL Startup Stages

Due to extremely popular demand and maxing out the 26th event attendance, it is great to announce that we are  going to host additional section on 3 July 2018. Thanks for showing HUGE interest in our event and supporting K-Town Community! ———- Target Audience: New or Mature, ALL Startups & SMEs are welcome! Many founders […]

[Full] How to Tackle Legal & Documentary Issues for ALL 6 Startup Stages

Due to extremely popular demand and maxing out the 26th event attendance, we are most likely going to host 2nd <How To Tackle Legal & Documentary Issues for ALL 6 Startup Stages> in Early July. If you want to attend our 2nd one, please drop us a message or email to Thanks for showing […]

<女士個人形象工作坊> 如何成功塑造理想形象?

<個人形象工作坊> 如何成功塑造理想形象?   主講:Season Yeung 時間:6月19日 培訓對象:想提升個人整體形象的女性 費用:55元/人   * 個人風格測試 * 正式場合著裝 * 畫龍點睛飾物   請參加的朋友們穿黑、白、灰的衣服,化淡妆帶一件買了很久卻沒有穿過的衣服。   講者介紹: 楊莉莉 Season Yeung * 創辦人 * 攝影世界 編輯 * 兒童攝影 主編 * Bee Studio 創辦人 * 深圳締悅視覺工作室 創辦人 * 11年攝影行業從業經歷 * 鹿子造型進修化妝造型 * IDEO艾迪爾形象管理認證